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Monthly Toolbox eNews update #65 - Sept/October 2014
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This Share Market Toolbox eNews email is going to all of our subscribing Share Market Toolbox Members as normal, and to the non-Members who have expressed an interest in receiving it. (Any non-members who want to access the detail in the Members Area can easily join as a Toolbox Member - it's not expensive.)
Firstly, I should mention that something finally dawned on me last week. I have been writing these monthly eNews update emails for a few years now, and in the early days they focused on the new eBook (PDF) Articles each month - because there was a need to write more and more of these. But in recent months there has been a little less activity on the eBook Articles, and more effort on public web pages in the Toolbox (there's only about 400 or 500 now). And this has been reflected in this monthly eNews email, which is now more of a "Toolbox update" each month to highlight the relevant changes in the Toolbox in the last month. Hence the slight change of name for this month's email.
In these emails in the last couple of months we have talked about technical analysis and the price charts, and reinforced the notion that the price charts summarise the opinions and emotions of the market participants. (See the recent ones in the eNews Archive). And we have also given some pointers regarding the use of technical analysis. But the one thing we haven't done is give some practical tips about the market itself, and going through the motions of investing or trading.


On the very topic of investing tips and share market success secrets, I was asked to speak to the Templestowe Valley Probus group recently on exactly this, drawing on a slide presentation I prepared for the Manningham U3A Stockmarket group a year ago. So I updated that earlier version of the presentation (and prepared another new one - details below), and I reviewed some of the web pages in the Share Market Toolbox. And then I realised that there are now at least six different web pages on this topic in the Toolbox, with each one coming from a different but related angle.


So, this month's update email is focusing more on the beginner to intermediate level share market investor / trader. And to help the readers put things into perspective, there is another related topic that has become topical in recent days - regarding the sell-off in the markets in late September and how we could view it. On this topic I have now updated the Share Market GEMs material with two additional gems (details below).


Also, because of the amount of material referred to below, I think it best to allow more time for our readers to digest the information. So this month's email is headlined "September/October".


Oh, if you would like to see a history of the Toolbox changes, see the special content update blog, and you can select the option there to "Follow" that blog to get details about new updates as soon as they are made.

Please see all the details below.


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Please remember, anything mentioned here, and in the referred eBook Articles, is for general education only, and is not advice of any sort.

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Price charts summarise the underlying opinions  
and emotions of the market participants. 
Every chart tells a story.
It pays to understand the stories in the price charts.
This month's focus:
Investing Tips and Share Market Success Secrets

On this topic, there are now several web pages in the Share Market Toolbox. These are listed below. Included in the list is a reference to the two new share market GEMs. And as a catch-all to assist all of us, including the advanced investors and traders, there is a reference and link below to my Share Market Ready Check List. There are no updates to eBook (PDF) Articles this month.


Here are the links and details for this month's updated information. For the presentations, Toolbox regular members can download the plain slides, while Premium Members can download the full speaker notes version, and non-members can download the basic handout pages:-
  • New presentation - "What would you do? - How good is your investing judgement?"  - This new presentation was put together for the Probus group, and simply shows a couple of case study example price charts and asks you the question "would you buy this stock?". See the presentation slides in the Toolbox.
  • Updated slide presentation - "Investing Tips and Share Market Success Secrets?" - This is the updated version of the 2013 presentation. See the presentation slides in the Toolbox.

The following new and updated Toolbox web pages are all available from this web page (or follow the big menu item link from the Toolbox home page to "The Share Market"):

  • Investing and trading tips - Some thought-starters and provoking tips for investors and traders to help set the scene for the following items.
  • Successful investor's mindset - Investors are always keen to avoid large losses - but they often don't achieve this. We can optimise our successes by adopting a particular mindset.
  • Share market success secrets - Eleven tips that some people might regard as secrets that can help to protect investment capital and minimise losses.
  • Investing problems? - This list of investing problems are commonly encountered. See the tips on how to address them.
  • Balance the time on research and investing - Does it matter how much time we spend on our investing and trading activities? and why do some people spend inordinate amounts of time on the same activity?
  • Great questions to ask your share broker or financial advisor. 
  • Share-market-ready? - Are you ready for the share market? I have updated the "Share Market Ready check list" web page yet again. It is a rather long check list, but it includes many things to think about before rashly investing in the markets.
There are two new share market GEMs listed on the GEMs web page (they are the last two items under heading 10 - Investing and trading wisdom). I will need to write a longer explanation for these in the coming days, and add them to the Share Market GEMs (PDF) booklet:
  • Don't try to catch a falling knife - I should have added this gem to the list a long time ago. When a stock has a falling share price and a broker or analyst suggests that we buy it (whilst it is still falling), they don't tell us that it might fall a lot further. Don't forget that once a down trend is in place, it is likely to continue until it is confirmed to have finished (Dow Theory). So it is rather "dangerous" to buy a falling share, just like it is dangerous to try to catch a falling knife.
  • One man's measure is another man's yawn - This is a reference to the recent news announcements from market analysts that with the recent Aussie sharemarket fall, it has now lost all of it's gains of 2014. This might be academically correct, and it might be of interest to fund managers whose performance is measured from from to month and year to year; but the average retail investor is not really that interested in these statistics. 
Regarding my growing collection of eBook (PDF) Articles, don't forget to see the latest Table of Contents pages for all articles (see links in the side-bar above right). There are now a total of 146 Articles in this collection - a huge total of 673 pages of information! You can see the Table of Contents for all eBook Articles here (recently new or updated ones are highlighted), and the Master Toolbox Index which includes the eBook Articles, plus web page references, and helpful videos.
eBook (PDF) Articles - Summary

Since October 2008 I have accumulated quite a collection of eBook (PDF) Articles on three subject areas - Share Trading/Investing, Technical Analysis and BullCharts software (actually more than 630 pages of material in more than 138 articles). These Articles are invaluable for both new and experienced investors and traders. I write brief monthly notes in this eNews email to highlight specific Articles on targeted topics, and sometimes referring to new or updated web pages in the Toolbox (also see a history of Toolbox updates). I am also writing new Articles and updating existing ones as required. For more information please see: 

Article front pages 
For any new readers of my Toolbox eBook Articles, there are some useful introductory Articles including an Introduction and an Overview Article for each of the three subject areas. You can see them here:
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In Closing

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Watch out for the sharks in the ocean! Robert B. Brain
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ps: watch out for the sharks in the ocean!  

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