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Robert has a lot of useful information and tools
in his Share Market Toolbox.
Some of these are free and accessible from other web pages.

But some of the information and tools are just too good to give away for free,
so some are locked away in the Members Area section of the Toolbox,
and even more are locked away in the Premium Members section.

To access these materials you will need to be
a Toolbox Member (or Premium Member), with a Username and Password.

This is easy to arrange for a very small fee - see the FAQ details here.
Arrange Toolbox access
without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs? How? What if...?

Answers to all your questions about the Share Market Toolbox Membership - how does it work? how much does it cost? and so on...

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See the Free Stuff web page.

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What is in the Toolbox Premium Members Area?

Premium Toolbox Members have access to everything the same as the Regular Members, PLUS the following:
  • Weekly Watch List - archive 
    The archive of past Watch Lists - in a simple directory tree view - just click on the year or month folder to drill down to the required Watch Lists.
  • Market Indexes
    Full access to see the entire list of eight Australian Market indexes, AND to download CSV files which list the stocks in each index, and their market capitalisation, and 52-week High and Low, and latest EPS and PE values. These lists are updated at the end of each month.
  • Weekly Market Analysis - emails 
    Details (for Regular Toolbox Members)
    Robert does his own weekly analysis and review of the Aussie market, and posts the updated results on this web page on a weekly basis. The Regular Member password is required.
  • Robert's Presentation Slides
    (Some slide sets are free, some versions are only for Toolbox members, and some versions are only for Premium Members.)
    Robert has prepared and delivered a number of presentations. The presentation slides or handouts are available here to download. There are free handout notes available for each presentation, plus more detailed versions for Toolbox Members.

  • Share Trading Tools 
    Trading Worksheet, Position Size Calculator, Trading Journal.
  • Miscellaneous documents
    Documents such as "Brainy's Gems', "Lotsa-Web-Links", and "The Investor's / Trader's Creed", are available.
  • Seminar Handbooks.
    The seminars that Robert runs include extensive hand-out materials and a hefty handbook. These handbooks tend to have several updated pages and new materials at least twice each year.
    These handbooks are generally available for purchase, except that they are available for free in soft-copy form, and in full, for the Premium Toolbox subscribers.
    • Share Market 101 seminar handbook -
      Download it now (3 megabytes, 91 pages).

    • Price Charts - Unlocking the Secrets seminar handbook.
      LATEST NEWS!! (August 2012) - With the special ATAA version of the Blue Chip Price Charts seminar running on 15 September, the updated handout notes will be available soon. Until then, the last version of the handbook is available here:- Download it now (7MegaBytes, 113 pages).

  • Red-coloured links - Premium Member area - you will need a Premium Member password.
  • Blue-coloured links - Regular Member area - you will need a Toolbox Member password.
  • Green-coloured links - Free access links for general public access.
If you already have a Share Market Toolbox Username and Password, you can click on the links above to go straight there.
You might need to enter your Username and Password when you do so. If you have already entered your Username and Password today and you have not closed your browser window, then you should go straight through.

The information presented herein represents the opinions of the web page content owner, and
are not recommendations or endorsements of any product, method, strategy, etc.
For financial advice, a professional and licensed financial advisor should be engaged.

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