Why does Robert do all this?

Write materials, market analyses,
write eBooks and run seminars?
Run the User Group and provide support?

You might very well wonder why Robert spends so much time
writing materials and presenting seminars and workshops. 

If he is such a good share trader, 
and making enough money,
then why not do that for a living?

Well, take a seat, because if you think it is easy to make a lot of money from trading, then read on...

When trading, some people can make as much as 50% or more profit on their available capital.
Anyone who has a very high risk tolerance, and who can throw enough money at it, might even make a lot more than this.
However, it is more the norm for people to earn somewhere in the vicinity of only 15% to 30% profit on their available capital.
And many people who think it is easy actually start out with the goal of easily making squillions, and
they quickly go out the door backwards - because it is so easy to lose money if you are not careful.

Now, if you have about $250,000 of available capital, and
if you could have all of it invested all of the time, and
if you actually earn a 20% return on this amount over a year,
then you would earn $50,000 gross - Before Costs!

Now, deduct the various costs:
brokerage, interest on borrowed funds, tax on the profits, etc., etc.

Now, after all the costs,
you would have a lot less than $50,000 left as your "salary".

Is this enough for you to live on?
Possibly not. 

So you would need to have somewhat more than $250,000 of available capital.

This might help to explain why Robert is
running seminars and workshops for a living, whilst also trading.

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