Brainy's BullCharts* TipSheets
Number 19
Published: 13 December 2009

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the 19th edition of my BullCharts software Tip Sheets, focussing on tips and hints for BullCharts (the Australian charting software package).

This Tip Sheet is just a real quick one - a quick discussion about the BullCharts Tool bars (see below). Many thanks to Belinda for asking about this in an email last week.

I have been rather busy getting started with my Weekly Share Market Analysis (complete with a few charts). I have now completed the fourth Weekly Market Analysis. It includes a Weekly email with a little information for anyone who wants to receive it (see the registration details below), plus more details and 7 charts for my Toolbox Members (OBV, GMMA, Weinstein 30-weeks, and Twiggs Money Flow).

You can see the public Market Analysis web page here.
Please note: - the presentation I will do at this month's BullCharts User Group meeting (this coming week) is on the topic "Beware the Bears - An analysis of 2 decades of Aussie bear markets".
As if I wasn't busy enough, as many of you know, I am now the Secretary and Vice-President of the ATAA Melbourne Chapter, as well as a director on the ATAA National Board. (Maybe I just don't know when to say "no".)
Don't forget to visit my Share Market Toolbox web site - an arsenal of weapons to help you tackle the share market - now includes a special Members-only Area.
I am always happy to receive feedback and suggestions for these Tip Sheets (and my Toolbox web site). Please feel free to send me feedback, or requests for additional topics for these Tip Sheets or the monthly eNewsletter articles.

Good luck with your trading.

Robert Brain ("Brainy")
(Contact details below.)

Topics in this Tip Sheet edition:
  • 2010 Seminars
  • BullCharts Toolbars - Display/Hide
  • Move the Toolbars
  • Watch the video
  • Preferred Location?
  • Weekly Market Analysis
  • More information
  • This TipSheet might look strange?

  • BullCharts Toolbars - Display/Hide

    In BullCharts there are many toolbars that can be displayed, or hidden.

    To see a list of them, use the menu option View - Toolbars.

    By default, the more common ones are already displayed around the BullCharts window.

    Move the Toolbars

    Like with most Windows programs, it is possible to relocate a toolbar from its current location around the window, to another location.

    Notice that the toolbars are normally "docked" around the edge of the window. That is, they are docked as opposed to "floating".

    With any docked toolbar (like in the accompanying graphic here), notice that at the very left hand end there is a stack of little dashes that indicates the start of the toolbar.

    You can mouse left-click on this little stack of dashes and "drag" the toolbar to another location.

    When you click and drag the toolbar away from the edge of the window, it becomes a "floating" toolbar.

    Watch the video

    To help make the above text description make more sense, I have made a 20-second video (no audio - it takes longer). Click here to see the video on my YouTube channel.

    Note the following key points:

    • The Chart Style toolbar is initially docked across the top of the BullCharts window.
    • When you left-mouse click on the left end of the toolbar, the mouse cursor changes to a small cross with arrows.
    • While holding down the left mouse button, you can drag the toolbar into the window.
    • If you release the mouse button, the toolbar will "float" in the window.
    • You can then re-grab the toolbar anywhere along the "title bar" of the toolbar, and drag it around the window to another location.
    • If you drag it close to the edge of the window, it will try to "dock" in that location.
    • Release the mouse button to leave it there for now.
    • If the toolbar is not exactly where you want it, you can grab the left end again, and slide it left/right, or up/down into the desired position.

    Preferred Location?

    My own preferred location for this toolbar is across the bottom of the window, between the middle and the right hand end.

    The reason for this is because most of the time when I want to use this toolbar, my mouse cursor is in the lower right corner of the window. So it makes sense to have this toolbar nearby.

    This also explains why I have the Line Studies toolbar docked down the right hand side of my window. You can see this in the YouTube video.

    (Note that the YouTube video is a smaller window to make the video compact - my BullCharts window is not normally that small and cramped.)

    Weekly Market Analysis

    If you are already subscribed to receive these BullCharts Tip Sheets automatically, but you are not getting the free Weekly Market Analysis, then all you need to do is Update your subscription details (it's free).

    See the link at the bottom of this email to "Update Profile/Email Address".

    If you are not receiving any regular emails from me in this format, then all you need to do is register. You can do this using the big blue button on any of my Toolbox web pages. One of these is the first "Quick Link" in the right hand column of this email.

    More information

    More details on some of the topics in these Weekly Tip Sheets are included in Brainy's Monthly eNewsletters that are now bundled into Brainy's Share Market Toolbox Membership privileges. Feel free to click on the relevant link at right to view samples and more details.

    These bi-weekly Tip Sheets for BullCharts* users are intended to be short, quick grabs of information. They are not a replacement for the monthly detailed Brainy's eNewsletter articles, which cover these same topics but in much more detail. The eNewsletters articles also cover Technical Analysis and Share Trading topics.

    Also see the BullCharts on-line help (in BullCharts, hit the F1 key), and the relevant User Guide Chapter for more details (this is supplied with the software and copied to your hard drive as a PDF file).

    Note: Any screen shots shown in this newsletter are snapped from BullCharts version 3.8.4.

    FEEDBACK? - I am very keen to receive feedback about these weekly BullCharts Tipsheets. Please feel free to email me with comments, or suggestions or questions to be answered in a future Tip Sheet. Contact details are included below.

    * - BullCharts is: " innovative charting and technical analysis system. It provides a feature rich and powerful set of tools with access to the latest strategies from local and overseas authors in analysing the dynamics of the stock market."

    This TipSheet might look strange?

    This TipSheet has been composed in HTML and distributed using an online service, and is intended to be viewed in HTML (ie. web language) format. Some parts might look a little strange, especially if you are viewing a basically text-only version. I am working on a text-only version.

    We have also found that some web-mail clients (eg. Hotmail and Yahoo mail) can mess up some aspects.

    Please feel free to send me feedback if anything looks strange.

    Good luck with your trading.

    Robert ("Brainy") Brain

    2010 Seminars
    VSCH computer lab - workshop venue

    There are no more workshops or seminars scheduled for the rest of this year.

    There are two seminars planned for early 2010 - session details, dates, costs, venue, etc. are on my web site here.

    (But due to a lack of interest and feedback, there are no BullCharts training workshops planned for 2010 - if interested in a topic, please feel free to suggest it.)

    The regular venue I now use for most sessions is the Vermont South Community House. To enrol for any of these, you need to contact the VSCH directly by phone or email.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email or phone me (or catchup at a BullCharts User Group meeting, or an ATAA meeting - I am now the Victorian Chapter Vice-President, and a National ATAA Board Member).

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