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Robert Brain (aka Brainy) has a range of
eBooks, Information Sheets, Handbooks and mini-posters.

Some of these publications are available for free.

Some are available only to Toolbox Members

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eBook (PDF) Articles and tip sheets
  • View the list of eBook (PDF) Articles - generally 3 or 4 page articles (or up to 7 pages), published monthly and building into three volumes - Share Trading, Charting (Technical Analysis), and BullCharts charting software. 
  • BullCharts Knowledgebase - a consolidated list of eBook pdf Articles and the Tip Sheets.
  • BullCharts Tip sheets - these are free. You can register to receive them as they are published.

Slides from public presentations

There is a long list of the different presentations that Robert has delivered, with free downloads available. See the presentations page for details.

Free things to download (mostly):
Most of the items below can be downloaded for free. BUT...
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The eBook (PDF) Articles - many 3 or 4 page documents about Trading, Charting and BullCharts.

The Investor's / Trader's Creed

Robert's "Lotsa Web Links" pdf document (for Toolbox Members only) - an extensive list of additional companies and web sites with active hyperlinks - currently Free.

Robert's "The Investor's/Trader's Creed" single page A4-size poster - currently Free.

Robert's stock market "Gems" (or Pearls of Wisdom) - are summarised on a web page, with a link to the full document for Toolbox Members.

Robert also writes BullCharts Tip Sheets.
More Tip Sheet details here, or register to receive updates using the big blue button at right.

ASX Indices Composition - How are all the ASX indexes, and sub-indexes, made up?
ASX Index CompositionWhich stocks are in which index?
How does the S&P/ASX 200 index (XJO) compare to the All Ordinaries index (XAO)?
and to the S&P/ASX 300 (XKO)?
What about the S&P/ASX Mid-cap 50 (XMD)?
This two-page PDF file gives a good diagrammatic overview, and of just some of the stocks in the indexes.
(Please note the publication date inside the pdf file - it might be several months old.)

"Trading Journal" template sheets / spreadsheets - It is so important to keep a record of your trades, whether the trades are shares, CFDs, or other, long or short. Download from the following table of choices.

Trading Journals to download
(to record details of your trades)

for Shares

for CFDs

PDF file to print...

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Excel spreadsheet version...

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Presentations - some details

Robert's ATAA presentation
to the July 2008 ATAA Meeting in Melbourne
"Implementing a Trading Strategy in Charting Software"
is available to download from the Members Area.
Details on the presentations page.
(size about 2MB - can take about 2 minutes to download on an ADSL connection).
Please note: the quality of the screen shots in the PDF is low due to trying to limit the size of the PDF file - in real life, the on screen graphics in BullCharts are very clear and crisp. 

Robert's ATAA presentation
to the October 2009 ATAA Meeting in Melbourne
"Technical Analysis - What is it really?"
is available to download from the Members Area.
Details on the presentations page.

eBook Publications available for purchase
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