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Trading Mentors

People and companies who can provide personalised trading mentor services to help you trade with success:

Company reporting season

US earnings season

Australian market operators

Australian Market - COMPANY information and ANNOUNCEMENTS 

Australian Market - LATEST NUMBERS and News

Australian (and global) Markets - Recent NEWS (these links checked May 2021)

Australian Market - Index values

Australian Market Indexes - background information

Australian Companies - About:

Australian Companies - delisted:

Australian Companies - performance and stock prices:

Some of these websites might also provide links to company information, latest company announcements, directors holdings, directors share purchases and sales, etc.

Shorted stocks on the Aussie market

Mining Industry News


GICS codes:

Stock market discussion forums

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Create your own list of stocks to watch (a "Watch List") and easily monitor progress. You will need to set up an account, then login. Normally free.
  • at ASX - Login to the ASX Investor Portal to set up and view your own watchlist(s). 

Online Charts:

Which stocks in which index?
To download a list of stocks in a particular index:
  • Visit the website,
  • Goto the "Portfolio" page (use the menu);
  • Subscribe by entering your email address (it's free);
  • Then you can create a portfolio, and include the stocks in an index,
  • Then download the stocks in your portfolio.
Data providers

World Business and Finance News:

Useful Economic sites:

Finance News


Futures (also see Commodity Prices):

Market Barometers and Breadth

(according to More:
  • Hindenburg Omen - See Wikipedia for details here.  

Specific Derivatives / Futures / Bonds:

More Indices

at (interactive Java charts):



Currencies / Foreign Exchange:



Key overseas markets indexes:

More overseas markets indexes

MORE overseas index pages:

Commodity / Options / Metals Prices:


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