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Current Version is 2.30 -- Septermber 2001.
(Currently not available for purchase - but download below is available.)

You can download the last version (v 2.30) of Merlins Techno-Guide in PDF format - for FREE!.
(The last Version 2.30 has not yet been updated for re-publication.)

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Why the Title
Merlin's Techno-Guide?

Extensive Glossary

Merlin? — Legend has it that Merlin was a wizard with mystical and magic powers. Some people today can make computers seem so simple that they almost seem wizard like. Many computer things still have an air of mystery about them.
Techno? — Several different fields are moving closer together (converging). This includes: TV, computers and information technology, Internet, World Wide Web, cable TV, information retrieval, telephone systems, photography, video and film, and home entertainment systems.
The one thing that all these have in common is technology, or techno for short.
Guide? — This publication does not pretend to be a technical reference manual, nor text book. It is a good, solid guide to contemporary technological matters. Nonetheless, the book is devoted to helping you gain a better understanding and increased knowledge of popular contemporary computer systems, related technology, and various products.
The major portion of Merlin’s Techno-Guide is the extensive glossary of technology-related terms, acronyms and jargon.
At last count there were in excess of 1600 terms crammed into more than 110 pages in Part 2.
And wherever possible, they are explained in layman’s words.
It is very difficult trying to include every single contemporary computer term, acronym and piece of jargon. However, best efforts have been made to include as many as possible, and especially the common, and the confusing ones. And to keep it as up-to-date as possible.
Computer companies are always devising new words to name or describe their products. It is not feasible to include all company and product names; but some are in very common usage and are appropriate for inclusion.

Key Benefits

Who is it for?

  • Up-to-date and inexpensive
  • Understand those unknown or confusing computer terms
  • De-code the terms and jargon in computer advertisements
  • Know if the computer salesman knows what he is talking about
  • Be aware of The "RITS!" (the pitfalls of computer technology), to help
    save you time and money
  • business managers
  • small business owners, managers
  • web surfers
  • computer buyers
  • corporate executives
  • mums and dads
  • housewives
  • current computer users
  • older school kids using computers

The "RITS!"

 Short Updated Print Runs, Printed Often

The author first wrote about The “RITS!” in his 1989 book Computers in Business and at Home.
The "RITS!" (Rampant Information Technology Syndrome) is basically a condition that results in people unconsciously wasting time and/or money on computers.
By being aware of The "RITS!" you will be able to avoid some of the traps, and potentially save money and lots of time.
It’s all explained in detail in Part 1 of Merlin’s Techno-Guide.
A5 size format, comb binding — why?
Because information technology is changing so quickly, any publication like this one will risk being out of date before it hits the streets. Therefore, it is important to get it to you as up-to-date as possible.
To do this we revise the text often, and utilise short print run production methods. This avoids printing many copies which might sit on a bookshop shelf for months and still not be sold. Merlin’s Techno-Guide is almost printed to order.
To keep production costs and the sale price as low as possible inexpensive binding methods are used (like plastic comb binding).
A revised version of Merlin’s Techno-Guide will be produced about every two months so that any new terms, acronyms and concepts can be included.
Inside the back of Merlin’s Techno-Guide is an order form to request more current brochures, or additional copies of the book at a reasonable discount off the cover price.
Because this glossary and The "RITS!" discussion have been published previously, the first version of Merlin’s Techno-Guide (published in July 1997) is the second edition. The first revised version is numbered Edition 2.01. The next revision is a significant update, and is Edition 2.20. This convention is typically utilised for most computer software

Not convinced?
You can download the latest version (v 2.30) of Merlins Techno-Guide in PDF format - for FREE!

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order a current copy of Merlin's Techno-Guide.

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