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Computer and Internet Help for home and business, for both novices and experts,
including a Glossary of computer and Internet terms,
a Web page full of popular Internet Search Engines and Directories, and
a full description of Rob's RITS! (Rampant Information Technology Syndrome).

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(1) Speciliast computer support for share traders and investors.

(2) Internet Search Engines and Directories
A web page listing a number of Australian and international search engine web sites.

(3) Alternatives to Microsoft's expensive software.
You don't have to pay large sums of money for office productivity software.
There are alternatives. 
The Open Source community and Sun Microsystems continue to develop the OpenOffice software package.
I stopped using MS Office a while ago, and I use OpenOffice for almost everything I do.
That is, for written documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics.
Here is one link to get you started.

(4) Useful computer and Internet Tips, Hints and Shortcuts
plus Fact Sheets, and sample Policy documents for business (or home).

Some clues to help you with your use of computers, Microsoft Windows, software and the Internet; and keyboard shortcuts to help save you time and do less typing (lazy people and power users will love them).
Sample Policy documents (eg. "Acceptable web surfing habits", etc.).
Also Tables and Reference Information including:
Useful tables of special characters and codes.
Easily insert special characters into your documents, charts, etc. (eg. , , , , ).
Also information about number systems
(decimal, binary, hex); and a
table of ASCII character codes.

Hint#2(a) - The underlined blueish/purplish text here (like on many Web pages) is indicating a link to another Web page. Hold the mouse cursor over the text to possibly see more information about the next page. Click on the text to display that page.(5) On-line GLOSSARY Hint#2(b) - Once you have visited the web page that the link leads to, the link might be shown in a purplish colour and not blue. (These colours can vary from page to page as they are set by the Web page designer/programmer.)
of Terms and Jargon
including Web Terminology.

(6) Merlin's Techno Guide
Click here
for information about the latest up-to-date desktop companion
of Computer Terms and Jargon.

(7) Beware - Rob's "RITS!"
(Rampant Information Technology Syndrome)
Click here
for clues on how to avoid falling for the traps related to computer purchase and usage.

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Australian On-line Telephone Directories
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Link to the AUSTRALIAN White Pages Telephone Directory Web Site
Link to the AUSTRALIAN Yellow Pages Telephone Directory Web Site

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