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Robert's webinar events - Frequently Asked Questions.
What happens on the day of the webinar?

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For an introduction to Robert's webinars, and how to register, etc.,
see the initial FAQ page.

On the day of the webinar

  • A short while before the webinar is scheduled to start, please open up your Confirmation email and click on the link in the email so you can connect. If you don't have this email, then there might be a link on the original webinar registration page.

  • Clicking on the webinar link will open up a browser window and prompt you to enter your name (so the presenter can see the list of attendees), and possibly your location (suburb or state).

  • The webinar tool might need to download a small program that will be used to run the interactive session (video and possibly audio) for you. If so, it can be removed later if you wish.

  • Computers and the internet can sometimes be fickle, and it might take as many as 10 minutes for everyone to connect in. So please allow plenty of time, and start it a few minutes before the scheduled start time.

Two types of webinar

Robert runs two different types of webinars:
  1. A "Presentation" type of webinar (for the product overview), and
  2. An interactive session (usually for the Remote User Group).

The "Presentation" webinar

This webinar is basically a slide presentation with dialogue. We will share a series of slides with you, and explain the content. The group could be rather large, so interactive questions and audio could get rather difficult to control. Even so, questions are usually welcome. See the following notes:
  • Text messaging - The webinar tool usually includes a facility where you can type a short text message to either the Presenter, or the whole group, or just to one attendee. Be careful in case these messages are publicly broadcast for everyone to see, or set to be viewed only by the presenter.

  • Questions - At times during the session, questions will be welcome.

The interactive "Meeting" webinar

This webinar is mostly interaction and discussion, with some presentation of materials, and some BullCharts software demonstration. We currently use the GoToMeeting webinar tool which has provision for both video and audio (so there is no need to use Skype).

More Information

The Share Market - more information about the market and investing and trading.

Webinar and Skype software

To participate in these webinars, all you need is a web browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and your computer's speakers or a headset.
For some sessions, you might need to have the Skype software installed, and at least a free Skype account. There is no fee involved to set this up for the free Skype-to-Skype phone calls over the internet.
What is Skype? - If you are interested, you can see the features list.
Download the Skype software (for Windows) here. NOTE: When you register the Skype software and create a Skype account, please do not enter your private personal details (some of the details they prompt for are not required).

The Toolbox

Brainy's Share Market Toolbox 
Brainy's Share Market Toolbox is an arsenal of weapons to help you tackle the share market.
See a list of contents on
the Toolbox Gateway page.

Robert Brain provides a range of support to both new and experienced traders and investors, and especially BullCharts users - and through the BullCharts User Group.
Who is Robert Brain?

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This is one of the many tools in Brainy's Share Market Toolbox.

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