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More general information about webinars.
What is a "webinar", how do they work?

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Robert runs webinars from time to time on a number of topics. This web page explains some of the Frequently Asked Questions about webinars, and about how these webinars operate.

What is a webinar?

The term webinar is actually a shortened form of "web-based seminar".
It is basically a type of seminar, presentation or conference that is conducted over the internet. It might be a straight presentation of material to a passive audience, or it might be an interactive conference session. The webinar participants might be able to interact by asking questions using a simple text-message style of interface, or perhaps by using an audio facility as in a tele-conference (a telephone-based conference or meeting).
These days, the simplest and most common webinar is where a presenter simply works through a set of presentation slides, and speaks to the audience - much like a live slide presentation (many people refer to these as a PowerPoint Presentation).
Some webinars are "open" so that anyone can join in; but many webinars require each participant to "register" first, and the webinar might only be available to those who have registered.

Robert's webinars

Most of Robert's webinars operate as follows:
  • After you register for one specific webinar, we will automatically send you a very specific web link in an email. This link well enable you to connect to the webinar and participate at the scheduled time.
  • You will need to use your internet browser software to join the webinar (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, or similar).

  • You will also need to hear sound using either your computer's speakers, or a headset.

  • If the session will be a 2-way conversational session, then a headset is strongly recommended to reduce the chance of audio interference (things like echo and electronic feedback).
  • Once the webinar starts, we will show you a series of slides (like a slide presentation), and we will talk — basically a normal slide presentation; but conducted over the internet.

  • For small group webinars, it is possible for everyone to speak (like a tele-conference).

How to register for a webinar?

  1. Go to the Webinar events page, and identify the required event, then click on the link to go to the registration screen. Go to the Webinar events page now (and this page will stay open so you can switch back to it).
  2. When you register you will need to enter some basic information (eg. name, city, etc.).

  3. You will also need to enter your email address so that we can send you a Confirmation email with the correct link to enter the webinar, and we might send you a reminder before the session. (You might also need to tick the "Terms of Service" box to acknowledge that we don't provide any financial advice.)

  4. After you register, and you receive the Confirmation email, simply wait until the right day and time, then click on the link in the email to join the webinar session. If you use the Outlook calendar program, you will also be able to add a calendar entry to your Outlook.

  5. You will automatically receive a reminder email before the event.

See more information above right.

What happens on the day?

And for information about what happens on the day of the webinar, see the second FAQ page.

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Webinar and Skype software

For many webinars, all you need is a web browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and your computer's speakers or a headset.
With some webinars it might be necessary to also use the Skype software which will need to be installed on your computer, and at least a free Skype account. There is no fee involved to set this up for the free Skype-to-Skype phone calls over the internet. If you will need to use Skype, the webinar information will explain this.
What is Skype? - If you are interested, you can see the features list.
Download the Skype software (for Windows) here. NOTE: When you register the Skype software and create a Skype account, please do not enter your private personal details (some of the details they prompt for are not required).

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