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Some basic tests to check out your internet connectivity.


Having trouble with your internet connection?
Here are some quick tests:

Test basic connectivity

When your internet connection is in doubt, or your browser might be playing up,
the simplest and easiest thing to do is try visiting a couple of web sites with very short web addresses:
  • - Click this link, or at any time you could:
    in your browser's address field simply type the letters: ibm then hit <Ctrl>+<enter>
    (ie. hold down the Control key, and tap the Enter key - this will automatically put the "www." in front of the letters you typed, and will put ".com" at the end of the letters.
If you could not reach the web sites listed above, perhaps your internet connection has failed. These days, the trouble shooting for this problem can be involved depending on your computer and network environment
eg. are you using a wi-fi connection? or a cable connection to the local modem/router? Try to simplify the connection if possible. Try from another device within your building. There are many more possible steps, and too many to try to describe here.

Test your internet link performance

If your connection is working but might be running slow,
you can test the internet connection speed:
  • A good connection speed test which contributes to charity: 
  • The popular This includes testing of the quality of the service at a basic data level, performing a PING test, and reporting the PING time.

Test the security of your computer

What is your IP address?

Sometimes you might need to know you own IP address. You could try one of these:
What is an IP address?

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