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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Melbourne User Group meetings

The Melbourne User Group meetings are once each month, normally on the third Tuesday of the month. Meet for dinner and a chat about the markets in the hotel bistro, then in the Meeting / Function room for the 2 hour meeting.

Remote User Webinars

The online discussion session webinar for users normally happens one week after the Melbourne meeting, and uses the same agenda and latest meeting minutes.

About the BullCharts User Group


Who runs the BullCharts User Group?
  • The User Group was started by two keen users in July 2006, including Robert Brain who has been running the group since then on a mostly voluntary basis.
Do I have to have BullCharts?
  • No. You don't need to have BullCharts to be a user group member, or to participate. Some of our User Group members don't have BullCharts.
  • Some people come along to see BullCharts in use, and to talk to current users. This is a good way to find out what it is like, and if it can do what you are looking for in charting software.

Refer to the User Group info page for other details like venue, dates, etc.

HOW do I ...?

...find the Meeting Agenda and Minutes?

...reserve a seat at the next Melbourne meeting?
...reserve a place for the next online webinar session?

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