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What is the BullCharts User Group Yahoo Forum?
  • A Yahoo! Groups Forum is one of the many Yahoo Forums that can be set up for a group of people to share information. The person who creates a new forum is by default the forum Moderator, who controls access to the forum. The moderator can authorise other people to be moderators also.
  • The BullCharts User Group Yahoo Forum is a "Yahoo Forum" set up to help all members of the Australian BullCharts User Group.
How is this forum different to the official BullCharts discussion forum?
  • The official BullCharts User Discussion forum is exactly that - a forum for online discussions amongst BullCharts users.
  • By contract, the Yahoo Forum is a repository for a variety of files, lists information, and a calendar of events. The calendar function includes an automatic reminder feature to send a reminder email to enrolled people a few days before meetings. See below for more details.
  • All enrolled Yahoo Forum members have access to upload, enter and change details and information in the forum.
Who manages and controls the Yahoo Forum?
  • Robert Brain is the User Group Convenor and the Moderator of the BullCharts Yahoo Forum.
Who has access to the Yahoo Forum?
  • Anyone can be granted access to the Forum by a Moderator.
What is the Yahoo Forum used for?
  • To store a variety of files. For example: BullCharts Custom Indicators and Scans, which are individual text files (actually XML) that can be easily downloaded and stored on your computer for ready access by your BullCharts software.
  • To store agendas for meetings, and meeting minutes. You can view the minutes of past meetings.
  • To conduct a "poll" from time to time (eg. "Should we have a social BBQ?").
  • To RSVP intended attendance at the next User Group meeting.

HOW do I get access ...?

Step 1
Create a Yahoo Logon ID

  1. Watch a short video showing how to create a Yahoo Login ID...
    (slightly out of date, but still indicates what is needed).

  2. If you already have a Yahoo Logon ID, then go to Step 2 below.
  3. On several of the Yahoo pages, there is a prompt that says:
    "Don't have a Yahoo ID?...Sign Up".  
  4. Click on the "Sign Up" link. 
  5. On the next Yahoo web page, there are prompts asking about yourself, including a prompt that asks you to specify your preferred Yahoo ID, and password. Please note:
  • This will also automatically create a Yahoo email address for you. 
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a button that says something like "Create My Account". For this to succeed, your preferred Yahoo ID needs to be unique (ie. if someone else has already used your preferred one, you will need to change your preferred one). And your password will need to be a "good" password - it might require a minimum number of characters, and a mixture of alphabetic and numeric characters.
  1. Once you have created a Yahoo Logon ID, and logged in to Yahoo, proceed to the next step...
  2. Watch a short video showing how to create a Yahoo Login ID...
Step 2
I have a Yahoo Logon ID, so how do I join the
BullCharts User Group Yahoo Forum?

  1. Go to the BullCharts Yahoo Forum Home page, and
    click on the "Join This Group!" button.
  2. Login to Yahoo with your Yahoo ID.
  3. At the prompt, enter a short reason to explain why you want to join the Forum, and include: Your Name; and Suburb/City/State or country.
  4. If you don't enter a reasonable reason for joining, then your request will be treated as spam-related and your request may be rejected.

I need help please...

If you need any further assistance, please email to:
Robert, the forum moderator.
How do I access the User Group meeting RSVP poll?
(video coming soon)
How do I download a BullCharts custom scan or indicator?
(video coming soon)
How do I view the minutes of previous meetings?
(video coming soon)

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