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Update History / Recent Key Changes to this Web site are included below
(primarily for the reference of the WebMaster; but do feel free to browse).



June 2012 Now using a blog to record web site changes, and RSS to advertise the latest changes.
2009-2012 Few changes to the computer related pages; but many many changes to the Share Market Toolbox pages.
March, April 2008 Major changes to structure of the overall web site, with flow-on changes to a few of the older pages, now that I have had a major change to my work arrangements.  The recent changes to the overall web site include additional material on: stock market and share trading, BullCharts technical analysis software, plus a hook from my own domain:  Until now, the web site was basically limited to Computer Help; but is now broadened to include the other topics.
20 May 2003 Long overdue updates. Including changing the email address from a computer-intuitive one to a non intuitive version (to try to prevent spammers from harvesting it for spam use). Also updates to search engines pages.
27 April 2002 Overdue updates to the SearchEngines page to include newish engines and updated links.
20 August 2001 Added rbbcons.htm page to promote my consulting, trouble-shooting and support services.
17 August 2001 Added lots of detail for the Anti-Virus pages, and split one long page into 5 smaller pages, commencing with: factvirus.htm.
2 August 2001 Included the PicoSearch search engine facility on the page main.htm.
July 2001 (i) Major re-vamp of many pages.
(ii) Removed the reference to the "Business section".
(iii) Included many more tips, hints, shortcuts.
(iv) Added in some of Merlin's Blue Fact Sheets.
9 July 2001 Updated for new version of Merlin's Techno-Guide (v2.20).
30 June 2000 Added ABN (Australian Business Number) details (and GST details) to web pages.
5 June 2000 Posted discount for MTG publication.
Minor updates to several other pages (mainly cosmetic).
20 May 2000 Rewrote the main (home) page from a Frames page, to a total NoFrames table-based page.

Added in the Site Map page.
10 May 2000 Added Meta-Search Engines to Sample Glossary.
Added more search engines to Search Engines page, and rearranged some; and updated the Abridged Search Engines page to reflect them.
24 March 2000 Updated Search Engines page; and added extra links and useful text on some other pages.
Added the new "Contact Us" page.
28 February 2000 Updated the Search Engines page; and revised the right-hand frame of the front page.
13 November 1999 Added to the 2 search engines pages.
Cosmetic change to text on front/home page, and on Business Help page (but business page still largely incomplete).
ALSO included a NOFRAMES home page..
16 September 1999 Updated the Search Engines page so that all links open in a New Window.
10 September 1999 minor update to Gov. Help page, and cosmetic changes to a couple of other pages.
30 August 1999 Added the new pages: Business Help, Govt. Help, and Computer Hints
20 August 1999
  1. Significant updates to the Search Engines and Portals page (added several, and rearranged others).
  2. Created an alternate Search Engines page which is a shortened list, with fewer images for faster down loading with slower modems.
  3. Minor changes to MTG-info page.
28 July 1999
  1. Cosmetic changes to "Visited Link" colours on several pages. (added ="blue" to Body)
  2. Added extra search engines/portals to Search Engine page, as well as comments on that page.
  3. Request for Info. page updated with advice of publication (MTG) being current.
8 July, 1999
  1. Included the Sample Glossary page.
  2. Added Search Engines/portals page.
  3. Added Hints Buttons
14 June, 1999 Information page about Merlin's Techno-Guide added.
10 June, 1999 RITS! page added.
9 June 1999 Put up the basic Web site.

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