Merlin's Computer Help for both novices and experts, including Glossary of computer and Internet terms,
a page full of popular Internet Search Engines and Directories, and
a full description of Rob's RITS! (Rampant Information Technology Syndrome).


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This site's Home Page.

Lots of useful clues, especially for newer computer users, and Web surfers. Also fact sheets, and How To sheets.

Australian (and overseas) Search Engines, Directory Web Sites, and Meta-Search Engines.
A 56k modem should download this page in about 30 seconds.

A shortened version of the Search Engines page above. It will download much faster (in case you have a slower link or modem).

Rob's Rampant Information Technology Syndrome (RITS!) explained. How you can avoid falling for the common pitfalls and traps that many computer buyers and users do fall for.

Information about Robert Brain's frequently updated Desktop Companion of Techno, Computer and Web terms.

Glossary of computer terms, Internet and Web terms.

A page full of links to useful government agencies.

A log of update history for this Web site.

How you can contact me.

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