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Brainy's Share Market Toolbox. Each week, Robert analyses the Aussie share market, and
sends details along with other useful share market information
to all Toolbox Members.
A feature of Brainy's Share Market Toolbox.  

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The Weekly Share Market* Update & Analysis email

The email that is sent only to Toolbox members every week (on Saturday morning), and to non-members once each month, includes the following:
  • Market-moving news - A snapshot of news from around the world that could be moving the markets*. The news helps to explain why the markets are moving the way they are, and readers can draw further conclusions about how this might impact individual stocks or the markets in the days ahead.
  • Overseas markets - A comment about the major overseas markets* from a technical analysis perspective, with links to many index price charts (see these 12 index charts as samples).
  • Market analysis using Aussie index price charts - The email includes comments about, and links to, several price charts of the Australian market index*, using technical analysis methods and several chart indicators with commentary (it's useful to follow this each week, as a hands-on study of the charts, and progressive learning about technical analysis). The Aussie index studied here is the All Ordinaries (XAO) with 500 constituent stocks. See details about this weekly market analysis.
  • Robert's Watch List - Information about the updated Weekly Watch List, including links to the latest printable (PDF) Watch List document, and key observations. 
  • ASX Share Market Game - An update regarding the ASX Game that has been running for 16 weeks, twice each year for several years now. A great chance to test out your own strategies and investing ideas. See some ideas and tips in the Toolbox.
  • Special observations and comments - Sometimes there are market-related, or chart-related, observations that are not covered in the rest of the weekly analysis nor the update email. In this case it is useful to include them somwhere. There is a special place in the Toolbox to make reference to them, with comments included in the weekly email. See the latest special observations and comments.

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* - Market(s) and market index - The word market is widely used in loose reference to a stock market or share market; but can also refer to a commodities market, or futures market, etc. And the term market index is widely used to refer to a particular index from a range of possible indexes. For example, in Australia, many commentators, brokers and analysts refer to either the S&P/ASX 200 index (XJO) or the All Ordinaries index (XAO) when talking about the Australian market as a whole. In America, reference is often made to either the Dow Jones Industrial Average index (DJIA) which has only 30 constituent stocks, or the S&P500 index, or perhaps even the Russell 2000 index. This can be confusing for even the informed observers, let alone those who are new to the markets. To complicate things a little further, people often refer to the stock exchange, or commodities exchange - the actual physical location or electronic mechanism which is used for the trading.

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